Chirie Baudin

Be nice or she won't save you.

3,000/6,000 XP

Player: Class/Level: Race: Age: Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair:
Schlegel Clericish 2 Human 19 5’5" 140 lbs. brown dark brown
Stats Major Skills
STR 16 (3) HP 14 Spellcraft ??
DEX 10 (0) AC 16 Concentration ??
CON 12 (1) SPEED 20 Perception (Listening) ? ??
INT 12 (1) FORT 4 Unknown ??
WIS 16 (3) REF 0 Unknown ??
CHA 10 (0) WILL 6 Unknown ??

Main Weapon:

Axe + 5 1d8 x3
n/a slashing 10gp, weighs 5 lbs.

Secondary Weapon:

Crossbow – Light + 2 1d8 19-20×2
80 feet piercing 35gp, weighs 4 lbs.; ammo = bolts x 10 (each costs 1gp, weighs 1 lb.)

Special Abilities:

Ability Description
Stuff: Stuffity stuff-stuff
Languages: Native Fluent Broken
Common, ____ _____


“But Gerrie, why would you join up? Why would you leave me and maman?”

“It’s important to me, choux. I need to fight.” Gerrie grabbed her heavy cloak from its peg and refolded it carefully before placing it precisely into her travel chest.

“But WHY? Why do you even care what is going on hundreds of miles away from home?” Cherie was almost whining, her wide eyes taking in every movement of her sister’s methodical packing. “We don’t even know those people.”

Gerrie sighed, reaching over to hug her younger sister’s head to her chest and placing a careful kiss upon the top of her head. “Cher, someday you will grow up, too, and understand the world like I do. You’ll see how we have to care about people and places so far away. Social justice is important to everyone. We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy relative safety in this city while we grew up. Not everyone is so lucky. Even you know that.”

“I know,” Cherie pouted, still not understanding her sister’s idealistic motivations. She still needed her big sister to guide her as she grew up and learned the ways of the world. While their family of three women were all close, the girls’ mother wasn’t the demonstrative type, and while she couldn’t be accused of being uncaring, she kept her distance from the girls, leaving them often to their own devices as she carried out the business of managing a busy trading company.

“But I’ll never get to see you. When will you ever get to come home?” Cherie fingered the soft fabric of her sister’s best travel tunic, which had been laid out next to her on the bed.

“I don’t know yet, choux. I will write as soon as I can, I promise,” Gerrie said, making sure to look her baby sister in the eye as she swore this. She knew what she was doing to Cherie by leaving like this, but she truly felt the necessity of joining the fight. Every man (or woman) helped. Someday her sister would understand. “I have to get dressed now, Cher. I need to get to the waystation by evening fall.”

She gently hustled her younger sister out the door, shutting it behind Cherie. The younger sister stood looking forlorn for a moment before turning to head dejectedly back to her own bedchamber.

“I’ll show her,” she thought to herself. “She can’t leave me for too long. In two years, I am going to join her – she can’t get rid of me that easily!” Her conviction was complete. 

Chirie Baudin

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